Meet the Committee



I’m a 3rd year International Politics student here at Stirling. I support independence because I believe it’s the best way to achieve a prosperous and progressive Scotland. I want a Scotland that is internationalist and outward looking. The only way we can achieve that is through independence.


Vice President and Treasurer

I’m currently studying for a degree in Professional Education and History with the end goal of being a history teacher. For me, independence is about self-respect. Week in and week out Scotland’s interests are ignored. Scotland has the potential to be a world leader and help so many, but only if we break free of the chains of Westminster that currently limit the progress that we as a nation want to make.



Cameron is full-time student at the University of Stirling, with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History and Politics. He is currently doing a Masters degree in Public Policy, whilst carrying out independent research on behalf of Modern Money Scotland. Further, Cameron has experience as a Finance Administrator Assistant at International Timber and has previously worked as a journalist for the Sunday National.


Communications Officer

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Social Secretary

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It’s time to start debating Scotland’s National Question.

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